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Dear Mums, dads, busy bees and other wonderful creatures

Muddy Creatures was created upon welcoming our delicious son in the summer of 2014. My partner and I were both surprisingly unprepared for the months to come after Karl’s arrival and my thoughts were (to say it mildy) elsewhere than focusing on building him a wardrobe. With the speed of the growth-spurts on such a little fella it always felt like I was one step behind. I found it tricky to source the brands that offers good quality, comfort and design with a manageable price tag. That is what Muddy Creatures is here to make up for. We offer you a service where you will never have to think ahead of your child’s next wardrobe leap – we’ll do the thinking and planning for you, suitable for the season, holidays, favourite colours and brands.

I hereby welcome you to my very special place – You and all your little wonderful creatures!

Anja Stavnsbjerg


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